Thunder and Rain's pop folk is slick and could (and should) get placement on Nashville.”

No Depression

There are pop elements to [Thunder and Rain] songs that make them appealing to both old-school bluegrass shitkickers and people who just love great melodies.”

Denver Westword

[Peet-Lukes] is a fine vocalist and it is on the more mid-tempo or slower songs such as I Won’t Try For You, LA on which she really shines and, high praise indeed, brings the sound of Natalie Maines and The Dixie Chicks to mind on occasions.”

Americana UK

Thunder and Rain finds themselves in a place somewhere between their bluegrass origins, and today’s somewhat undefined Americana market, mixing elements of folk and modern country into their sound.”

Bluegrass Today

In applying any label it is also necessary to describe the instrumentation, artist qualities in terms of playing and singing as well as the quality of their writing and this talented band ticks all of the 'High' quality boxes.”

Americana Roots UK

Thunder and Rain is taking Colorado music by storm”

Boulder Lifestyle Magazine

The foot-tappingly infectious, often dreamy melodies and tumbling chorus hooks work to soothe and invigorate like clean mountain air.”

Folk Radio UK

With their mix of bluegrass, folk, and hints of early alt-rock eras, Thunder And Rain are headed in the right direction”

Global Texan Chronicals